Common beans widely known as dry edible beans that include pinto, navy, great northern, black, and kidney beans and the horticulture pod types that include garden, snap, wax, runner, string, pole and blue lake beans are widely consumed. Beans are increasing recognized as a major functional food and the health benefits from eating beans are described in the attached documents. The BeanCAP will provide new research directions to further improve important nutritional constituents of this vital food crop and its contribution in diets of US consumers.

Consumer Education

The "Now Serving: Beans!" teaching package is designed to increase knowledge of the key nutrients found in beans and to encourage participants to incorporate beans into a healthy diet based on MyPlate recommendations. The lesson package was designed for use in middle/high school classrooms and in community settings.

The package includes a Powerpoint with notes, a handout with recipes suitable for demonstration, a Bean Bingo game to reinforce the concepts, and an evaluation tool to provide feedback.

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